New York Buddha Dharma and AWAKENEWYORK, under the auspices of the Westchester Dharma Center, present :


MEDITATION FOR REAL LIFE         Fall Mindfulness/Awareness Training Intensive


PLACE: Aligned Center 2 Bridge St. Irvington, NY.

TIME: Fri October 6, 7-9 and Sat Cct 7, 10 – 6pm

DONATION: $35.00 (pay what you can afford)… Read the rest


Its a difficult time in the world. And its an easy time to try and find surety in aggression. This is a kind of reaction blindness. And when we react against reaction, its like blind leading blind – on steroids. But, when the going gets tough, perhaps the strong might become sane.

We have that … Read the rest


Following the election. Our world feels different. Maybe broken. It’s a good time to find healing and strength in love and sanity. It was hard to fathom. The People have spoken. Only not the majority. Rather, some people have spoken, rather pointedly.


Now, all will quiet. It will calm. We will likely not build … Read the rest

America Awake

There was another mass killing. Which one was that? The terrorist? The Muslim who sympathized? The Syrian who was left out? The Kid in the night club? The white kid in the theater, or the best friends at school?  Its getting so hard to keep count. Kids killing kids, cops killing kids, cops being killed, … Read the rest