New York Buddha Dharma and AWAKENEWYORK, under the auspices of the Westchester Dharma Center, present :


MEDITATION FOR REAL LIFE         Fall Mindfulness/Awareness Training Intensive


PLACE: Aligned Center 2 Bridge St. Irvington, NY.

TIME: Fri October 6, 7-9 and Sat Cct 7, 10 – 6pm

DONATION: $35.00 (pay what you can afford)


ABOUT:   Hosted by Cary Tamura of AWAKENEWYORK the program will offer talks and meditation instruction by John Baker, a senior Buddhist teacher, author, editor and preeminent student of  Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche and Joseph Mauricio, a long time teacher of the Shambhala Tradition.


A friday night introductory talk is open to all, and will include remarks from our panel, and practical mindfulness awareness practice instructions.


Our Saturday workshop will unpack and deepen the meditation instruction and include guided meditation, talks, private interviews  and group discussion.


This program is open to all, and is designed to suit various levels of practitioner. It is a perfect program to learn meditation in a beautiful and supportive environment.  And, it is an excellent opportunity for advanced students to deepen their experience of mindfulness awareness practice.


All are welcome.


THE PRACTICE:   Mindfulness Awareness meditation is the heart of Buddhist practice at every level, from beginner to advanced. The benefits are profound: peace of mind, greater clarity and intelligence, and increased compassion for oneself and for others.


Meditation practice can increasingly free us from the pernicious, anxiety-driven, and distorted stories we repeatedly tell ourselves. It can help us see life “as it is,” freshly and vividly, free of egotism and petty value-judgment. It can lead us to what Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche called “the world of ordinary magic.”


We will explore mindfulness-awareness practice and traditional teachings that describe it In plain speech for real life.


John Baker
Joe Mauricio
Cary Tamura


Reserve your seat in advance:     for-real-life-tickets-37431322099


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