Stillness and Change

Movement in the air. Cat races to the windows. Spirits rise awakened from moldering sleep. Trees stretch orange arms to the brisk skies of autumn. School again. Turning again. Elections again. Life reawakened into the change of change. Liminal spaces. Shadows crossing across the heart.

And within it all, stillness. A quiet so deep you feel its cool breath on your skin. A silence so complete it hints at the end of things.

Is this why we fear? Is this why change and encroaching darkness seem dangerous? Because we fear all change signals the end?

But, no ending is the really final. In fact, the end is a blank space where the future writes its name.

If we understand its is not about us, and that change is not an end, then perhpas we can relax beneath fear and rest in that space. And there, in stillness and silence, we can feel our way into synchronicity with the great movement of life.

But should we cling to what came before, hold to the present or leap to the future, we create a discordance around the fluid movent of life that leads to the struggle and pain that we casually associate with change.

Its not the change, and its not the fear. Its believing there’s something wrong with us, or the movement of life that creates the friction of suffering.

To the meditator, to one a dedicated to waking, struggle is pointless. The ground zero of awakening  is acceptance. Complete acceptance. For only then do we know where we leap and where we land. If there is danger, then we can know it. We can look directly into the abyss and see. We can feel it and taste it and dance with it. But, we need never be ruled by it. We can sit down in the face of danger, and
watch every moment that unfolds.

Its called wakeful relaxation. Or, relaxed attention. Its bringing mind and body together into an integrated moment devoid of struggle. Meditation on life. The art of being.

And that means resting in stillness and riding the waves of change.




One thought on “Stillness and Change

  1. Ah. Yes. 🙂

    Upsurge of swelling fear is seen at last as fast-moving particles,
    Typhoons of color,
    And we are swimming in it,
    Dissolved and dissolving,
    Until we settle,
    And the vibrant wavelength
    Finds consonance
    In clear blue.

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